John Stuart Mill

When aged 6 he could read Greek, at 12 could not tie his shoe laces, at 17 was imprisoned for gross indecency. An employee of the East India Company, he said that empires should plan their own end; a democrat, he was afraid of universal suffrage; a philosopher, he thought reason should be tempered by intuition.

Today much philosophy is dull and lacks relevance, but John Stuart Mill sparkles with 2020 vision. The group will study the life and work of this firebrand in the context of the history of ideas.

As preparation, anything about or by JSM will be useful but please include his essays ‘On Liberty’ ‘The Subjugation of Women’ and ‘Utilitarianism’ plus ‘Hard Times’ by Charles Dickens.

Level of Ability: Suitable for All

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Tutor: Margret Shaw

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