Art History

Manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon Age 600-850

From the sixth century onwards as Christianity spread throughout the British Isles and Ireland it brought a flowering of manuscript art. The scribes and artists who produced such works as the Book of Durrow, the Book of Kells and lesser known but equally beautiful manuscripts were imaginative innovators. Image, text and scribe will be our watchwords as we trace the origins and development of these works and understand their decorative programmes, the subtle interplay of pictures and words, the hierarchy of scripts and how books were produced. Guidance will be given on how to transcribe documents, no knowledge of Latin will be necessary. There will be an afternoon visit to a Cathedral Library which includes an exclusive tour and coach travel – the cost will be approximately £24.00.

Level of Ability: Suitable for All

Teaching Style:
Group Work

Tutor : Philip Holdsworth

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