Looking at Paintings

The Use and Abuse of Painting

The ability to paint was one of early humankind’s most fundamental needs and achievements. But always there was potential for misuse.
We shall look at:- portraits – loving, kind, unkind, intimidating; accurate and air-brushed. We shall consider recorded events – births, marriages, family, friends, journeys, victories and defeats, pride, death. We will think about problems of copies, attribution, lost, damaged and stolen paintings, forgeries and forgers; the use of propaganda, satire, humour, protest and shock. Religious and devotional works; paintings aimed at personal and social change. The rise of graffiti and street art. How painters used inspiration – sketchbooks, teaching, exhibitions and art collections; commercial use, generosity, ownership, dealing, value.

Level of Ability: Suitable for All

Teaching Style: Interactive illustrative talk

Tutor: John Shirland

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